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Sagittarius as a Company

For years, we have worked at home and abroad. We work with an extensive international network of people. We like a well-organized world of work. Over the decades, we use what we have learned daily, with individuals and couples in therapy and biography work, as well as coaches and supervisors in organized working life.


The goal of individual therapy is to help people become aware of their own resources and take responsibility for themselves and their own lives. When you are anxious, it is a relief to talk to another person and stop at the atmosphere of presence. In collaboration with a therapist, you can map the support points of your own life, your life history, memories, skills, actions and experiences. 

In couple’s therapy, we explore together how you could strengthen the good that already exists in your own life and also in the relationship. Are we waiting for our own happiness from someone else? It is possible for us to achieve the closeness of the relationship when we slow down to listen to ourselves and the other. A relationship with someone is always a relationship with yourself.

Exploring your own Life Cycle is a systemicly advancing way of exploring how you can safely structure your life and identify the next steps that will take you on a path to the future. There is a biography in human development, everyone's unique journey of life in which we are dealing with mental possibilities. 


Work counselling is the study, evaluation and development of one's own work, which is carried out with the help of a trained supervisor. It is about co-interpreting and structuring questions, experiences and emotions related to work, work community and one's own work role. 

The structure of the programme is based on a research method developed by the International IMO Institute. The core elements of which are learning management, self-direction, social life phenomena and development issues. The coaching programme is supported by an electronically downloadable book entitled "Inside the Change".

We will help you identify signs that should wake you up to pursue conciliatory action. You can also learn to recognize when your own abilities and those of your community are no longer enough for healthy activities on their own, but you need outside professional help.

Constellation work helps to understand and change the interdependencies behind difficulties. Constellation can be used as a method of investigating and resolving problems in organisations and communities.

Mindfulness exercises calm the mind during the work day and create “Islands of humanity” inside the busy worklife. These islands of mind strengthen the ability of people in different work roles, to realize and improve their ability to solve problematic situations. Guided exercises provide an opportunity to learn simple and everyone-friendly ways to calm your mind and increase your ability to concentrate.